24 Jun // Partnerships
garden grows with deBridge

gm gardeners! 🌸

Garden strives to be your best option to exchange Bitcoin with any asset, anywhere. We take a big step towards that goal with an integration with deBridge

This strategic integration delivers deBridge’s catalog of assets and chain support to Garden users in seconds. Additionally, it enables deBridge users to exchange their assets for native Bitcoin and vice-versa with blazing speed.

At Garden, we prioritize utilizing existing liquidity over further fragmentation. deBridge, known for being one of the fastest multichain bridges and extensive chain support, significantly enhances our platform with their deep liquidity. We are thrilled to kick off the first phase of this integration, which allows users to swap between wrapped Bitcoin assets.

Act fast! Both Garden and deBridge have ongoing reward programs. So, when you swap using Garden, you are eligible for both deBridge points, and Garden rewards.

About Garden

Garden is the fastest way to swap BTC with any asset, providing a 10x improvement over existing options. It is decentralized, trustless, audited, and not a real garden.

About deBridge

deBridge is building the bridge that DeFi deserves. By removing the bottlenecks and risks of liquidity pools, deBridge enables value and information to flow across the DeFiverse virtually instantly with deep liquidity and guaranteed rates.

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