5 Jul // Updates
the garden monthly: june 2024
TL;DR: June has been a month of growth and collaboration for Garden! We continued our Season 3 sprint of collating more WBTC yield opportunities on Arbitrum, partnering with Trader Joe, Camelot, PancakeSwap, and Aark. We crossed $60M in volume and distributed $500k in SEED during Season 3. Additionally, we kicked off our Chief Gardeners program and announced a major integration with deBridge.

gm gardeners! 🌸

Garden is picking up steam to enter its next orbit through visible and behind-the-scenes activities this past month.

Canon Event

We teamed up with deBridge to level up Garden from being the fastest BTC <> WBTC bridge to the fastest native Bitcoin exchange period.

The integration will deliver deBridge’s catalog of assets and chain support to Garden users in seconds. Get a taste of this integration right now as phase 1 is already live!

Big Items

  • Partnerships: We were thrilled to announce 4 new partnerships with projects in the Arbitrum ecosystem this June, with the likes of Trader Joe, Camelot, PancakeSwap, and Aark.
  • Quests: With all these new partnerships, our live quests count has gone up to 7! That's seven distinct opportunities to earn yield on your WBTC in the Arbitrum ecosystem.
  • Talks: Garden continued its Bitcoin to DeFi series of talks with our partners, GMX, Vertex, Trader Joe, and Aark. Tune in to listen these insightful discussions!

Technical Updates

  • deBridge Phase 1: Phase 1 enables native BTC to synthetic BTC swaps and support to Polygon, Optimism, Avalanche, and BNB Chain. Users can now earn deBridge points and $SEED on these trades.
  • Documentation: We've made great progress in our documentation and open-sourcing. These will be live in July.
  • Garden SDK: Garden is founded on decentralization. To enable everyone to use and build on Garden, we’re introducing the Garden SDK. More details on the SDK and our Grant program for builders will be shared in July.

Seed Update

46% of all circulating SEED tokens are staked, earning up to 181% APY, with a total value of $691,425. Read more in our latest staking quarterly update.

Other Cool Stuff

  • Chief Gardeners: We kicked off our first batch of Chief Gardeners in June.
  • Transaction Volume: On June 7th, we hit a huge milestone, crossing $60M in total transaction volume for season 3!
  • dApp Radar Listing: Garden is now on dApp Radar!

About Garden

Garden is the fastest way to swap BTC and WBTC, providing a 10x improvement over existing options. It is decentralized, trustless, audited, and not a real garden.

Join the garden townhall and ask our expert gardeners about soil acidity and trimming bushes.

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